Gateway Casinos


Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is one of the largest and most diversified gaming and entertainment companies in Canada with properties across British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. There are several brands within the company which means creating promotional graphics that fit within each brand and maintain the overall graphic quality across everything. 

Chances and Playtime are casual, small town casinos and bingo halls. The creative for these casinos is bold, simple  bright, and colourful with a small town feel.

Grand Villa Casinos
Grand Villa Casinos is Gateway Casinos’ most premium brand. Design for these casinos is designed around casino elements (poker chips, cards, slots etc), glitter and glam. I tried to keep that theme in mind for any creative created for this brand.  

Starlight Casino
Starlight Casinos are urban, contemporary and high energy.  The creative for these casinos is glitzy, glamourous with touches of a modernized vintage Las Vegas aesthetic.