Digital Design

Escents Web Store Redesign/Relaunch 2018
In February 2018 I lead the redesign and relaunch of the Escents web store on the Shopify platform. I worked with 2 Junior designers, our in-house IT department, and the Shopify team to build a clean and easy to navigate web store based on current design trends and competitor research.


Escents Email Marketing

In my role with Escents I am responsible for designing, scheduling, and copywriting for all email marketing. Since the relaunch of the Web Store in 2018 I’ve updated the look and feel of all email marketing to be cohesive with the clean and modern feel of the web store and all other marketing collateral.


Escents flash sale email graphic

Escents Instagram 2017

Throughout the latter half of 2017 I was responsible for the content creation, photography, and art direction of Escents social media channels including instagram, facebook, and twitter. I took many of the product photos myself, or art directed photoshoots and graphic creation by junior designers.